The painter of towers, protection and signal systems read with satisfaction in Erwin Panofsky’s reflection:

that we are touching on something that is a kind of social responsibility — which the inhabitants of the tower have not yet, but because they reside in the tower. The tower of separation, the tower of selfish happiness, meditation, the reflection-tower of serenity-peace-this tower is also a watchtower.

Here we are close to the position that Josef Wagner has reached after twenty years of searching. The journey through the lands led him from images purely formally conceived, experimental, informal, through disturbing and depressing positions of large colored areas to a view of man-of-himself. At the same time, the face of a person penetrates the work – physiognomies emerge at the end of a long series of difficult paths in the formation of personality.


From the text of art historian and poet Jan Mario Tomeš 1986