Josef Wagner Association

The association was founded in 2021 and is a non-profit organization. It deals with the professional elaboration of the artistic legacy of the Wagner family in contemporary and critical contexts. Its intention is the gradual digitization of an extensive archive, publishing publications, organizing exhibitions, lectures, reconstruction of depositories. At present, under the auspices of the association, the gradual cataloging of works of art and work on the first of a series of comprehensive monographs has begun.

Founding members: Jakub Wagner, Pavel Smetana, Denisa Wagnerová

Emerging monographs


Our intention is to create a comprehensive monograph of the artist, which is not only a strict list of the artist’s work, but an intense „documentary“ story, reflecting the contemporary context of the painter’s life, through his work, but also fragments from his surroundings, inspirations, diary entries of critical opinions, personal life, professional texts, everything that the painter captures in his cutout with the resulting painting. The structure of the monograph will be conceived in two main levels.

The first, „retrospective“, chronologically arranged according to the thematic cycles of the artist’s work. Focused on painting, drawing, graphics and objects.

The second level of biography focuses, in addition to the artist himself, on the context of the family from which he came. Father of sculptor Josef Wagner, mother of sculptor Marie Wagnerová-Kulhánková, brother of sculptor Jan Wagner

Publication of a monograph

Planned year of publication of the book: 2023


  • 400-450 pages
  • hardcover
  • format 300×245 mm